Friday, September 3, 2010

Today I officially watched my first Star Wars movie.
I tried to tell my roommate that I had seen Episode I before, but apparently he didn't seem to think that counted.
I mentioned, afterwards, that I certainly liked Episode IV enough to watch the rest of them. He seemed satisfied enough until I added that also included the prequels. He told me I could do it, but he would be no part of it.

I bet some of that has to do with the fact that I made him rewind the rolling opening paragraph-y sequence thing because I was having trouble reading it while eating a piece of pie. All I had really gleaned the first time round was that Princess Leia was some sort of custodian.

The only other thing worth mentioning, I think, was that regardless of whether I watched Star Wars growing up Star Tours was still a massive part of my childhood. It's still one of the best rides at the park, and definitely the one with the most personality.
In fact, I turned to my roommate after they introduced R2-D2 and C-3PO and said, "Those two are my favorite! But they are very bad at driving."

In other news, we managed to dodge a hurricane today, but who knows if the weather in Nassau will clear for next week. Either way I'm excited to relax, drink a bit, and maybe see some aquatic life.
aka Sharks.

Watching: Project Runway
Reading: The Last Question (Asimov)
Listening: Nothing

Last Sentence Written: "The winds would only unearth the coffins."

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