Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Concrete, WA

Went to help out on a film shoot in one of the most creep-tastic places I've ever been.
The first thing the director asked everyone is if they've had their Tetnis shots.
It was a strange, sublime combination of being absolutely terrified by the drug-addled, sex -crazed, bullet-shot debris, and astounded by the placid, snowy mountains cradling the calmest aquamarine lake.

Here are a batch of atmosphere photos to really capture the odd mix of wreckage and beauty we were met with.
Next post: Stills from shooting the film.

(click on the thumbnails to see full sizes)

Watching: It's Always Sunny
Reading: Pride & Prejudice
Listening: The Shins

Last Sentence Written: "Maybe it’d do him some good to get his lips sewn together for a day."

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