Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Concrete

Here we go, stills from the film shoot in the craziest broken down place I've ever been.

I'm itching to go back and do something high fashion.

But till then capturing the actors in motion was fantastic.

(click on the thumbnails to see full sizes)

Watching: Glee
Reading: No time for reading, only time to write!
Listening: Metric

Last Sentence Written: “Well I am most definitely not even going to think about pretending to be your sex slave. I mean-“


  1. I really love those pictures, they're all really good.
    Could you tell me what camera you used?

  2. Thank you!
    For some of them (in general the less clear ones) I used a Canon Rebel. The others (the majority here) I used a Canon 5D mark II.

    The Rebel is nice, small, light and relatively inexpensive. I love taking it around to snap pictures.

    The 5D is not my camera, I check it out on campus because the body, combined with a nice lens can run you over 3 grand. It is fantastic, though. Definitely my favorite camera to shoot with.

    Hopefully that answered your question.

  3. Thanks!
    I'm actually kind of looking for a new camera that I can use for photography, but also for taking video footage. So, I've been looking into the Canon 7D, although, it is really expensive :/
    If you know anything about the Canon 7D, I'd love to hear it.
    Thanks :)

  4. Doodles, you should look into the Canon T2i or'll get the same image and video quality as the 7d at a lower price. Build quality and controls aren't quite as good, but overall it's not that bad a deal.