Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Every Day in April

Starting on a new blog post has recently felt sort of like trying to get to the gym. It takes sooo much effort to make it there, but once you get into it you realize how fantastic it feels, and how good it is for you.

That, along with Kristina Horner, is why I'm doing Blog Every Day in April.
A better idea might be "Go to the Gym Every Day in April", but baby steps. Baby steps.

It's also rather convenient considering that during April I actually have something to blog about (well, more so than my normal life, which is sorta cool, I guess...). April 30th is this little thing called Reality Check put on by the Seattle Chapter of AIGA (the professional association for design). Professionals from around the area will be there to review my in-process-portfolio. People exchange business cards, get jobs, and make careers at this event.

Basically I'm terrified out of my mind.

I essentially have 30 days to put together as much finished work as I can.

My current project:
Design the actual literary journal that goes with the below promo piece for a fictitious magazine I invented:

(the slip-case slides off to reveal the design underneath, then the box is opened and promo products are enclosed)

Hi April, let's see how this month goes.

Watching: Friends
Reading: Doubled Flowering (Yasusada)
Listening: Mumford and Sons (Little Lion Man)

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