Saturday, April 2, 2011

At Mammoth Caves

In Seattle visiting Kristina Horner. I was settled downstairs in my onsie, about to consume copious amounts of champagne and watch Avatar (of the last air bender variety) when I realized my commitment to blog every day in April. So, I commandered Tinas iPad and started typing this very message.

On the design front very little work has been done, unless you count laughing at Google's April Fool's joke on Helvetica lovers everywhere. Hopefully next week I can spend more hours in the studio than I did last week (which was virtually none), but for now I'm still coasting on the glorious lack of commitment that comes with the first week of classes.

As a wrap up of this blog entry I'd just like to mention how awesomely underapprciated rainbows (in both their single and double forms) are. Rainbows on bouncy balls, rainbows on footie pajamas, and of course rainbows in the sky.

Reading: Yasusada
Listening: Cee Lo Green
Watching: The Colbert Report

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