Tuesday, April 5, 2011


No blog last night. I planned to close my eyes for a minute, but that minute turned into an hour, and that hour turned into all night.

I feel like I don't have much to say, other than you constantly realize things about yourself.

Yesterday I realized I make bad decisions regarding weather appropriate clothing. I wore thin little flats peppered with decorative holes in them. The signature Bellingham rain/wind/cold just seeped right in. When asked what I was thinking all I could say was:
"Well...it wasn't raining in my room when I was getting dressed!"

Today I realized that I have a terrible habit of borrowing a piece of clothing from someone, entering that piece of clothing into my weekly wardrobe, and then never wanting to give it back.

Solutions to these problems:
1. I've left my flats at my friends house, hopefully not allowing me to put them on during the rainy season.
2. I'm creating a pile of clothing to give back to their rightful owners. Except maybe this black tank top. I really like this tank top.

Problems with my solutions:
-While leaving my flats at my friend's I had to borrow some boots to get home. Now I don't want to give back those boots.

Not much on the design front, but that better change as this week progresses.

Watching: America's Next Top Model
Reading: Doubled Flowering (Yasusada)
Listening: Friday (Stuck in my head... NOT happy about it)

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