Thursday, April 7, 2011

Between Classes

This blog originates in the brain space between senior projects in graphic design and my linguistics class. There's something really contrasting about design and phonology. The math part of my brain is clashing with the art part. It's not exactly my favorite part of the day. But I understand it's important to be able to transition between thinking with both sides of the brain. It's just difficult to care about "complimentary distribution" and "aspirated phonemes" when I have a portfolio to work on.

I'm also freaking out about Will Hyde of Superfad (founder in part of both The Stranger and Digital Kitchen), coming to speak tonight for the Design Speaker Series. Every video on their site is pure eye candy. Can't wait to hear the story and inspiration behind the design.

Today is all about inspiration. Check out my tumblr to see what I think is great.

Imaginary Things

(P.S. the image on the side is a cut of the senior design lab, including my (messy) desk!)

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Reading: Various Design Blogs
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